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Contents Guidelines

ZEPETO's Studio Guidelines provide guidance on what is allowed in ZEPETO Studio.

All Studio products and content created or uploaded to ZEPETO Studio must not violate ZEPETO Community Guidelines and ZEPETO Studio Content Guidelines. All Studio products must meet relevant Studio Product Guideline requirements. Creators who submit content or products to ZEPETO Studio are responsible for ensuring their submissions comply with our Studio Guidelines.

ZEPETO Studio can delete or limit access to any product or content that violates our Guidelines at any time. Repeatedly violating our Guidelines may lead to the suspension of Studio access and all connected ZEPETO accounts.

Every Studio product submitted to ZEPETO Studio is carefully reviewed against our Studio Guidelines to support creators’ freedom of expression, safety, and creativity. We review and update Studio Guidelines through our engagement with external experts, users, and creators to ensure we integrate our community’s feedback into the policymaking process.


If you have any questions about our Studio Guidelines, please contact our support center.

1. Community Guidelines

Studio products must not violate our Community Guidelines.


Please refer to the following guide. [Community Guidelines]

Check the most frequently violated guidelines on our Support Center.

2. Prohibited Content

2.1 Nudity and sexual content

  • Sexually suggestive or provocative items, expressions, behaviors, imagery, audio or activities including sexualization of certain occupations and the use of emojis in a sexually suggestive manner
  • Undergarment, lingerie
  • Women’s swimwear should be submitted as a whole set including a top and a bottom piece.
  • Nudity
  • Excessive exposure of buttocks, female breasts, and prominent presentation of male genitalia.
  • Nipples, uncovered areola area, and nipple patches.
  • Sexualization of a minor in any way

2.2 Hateful content and profanity

  • Glorification, support, or promotion of hatred or degradation toward people based on protected characteristics as defined by ZEPETO Community Guidelines
  • Symbols, gestures or flags associated with hate groups, terrorist organizations, gangs, or criminal organizations
  • Profanity (including the use of misspellings, symbols, or numbers)

2.3 Violent, shocking, or gore content

  • Shocking, gory, graphic, cruel, or excessively violent content, including depictions of blood, cuts, or bruises
  • Content that glorifies or promotes violence, suicide or self-harm
  • Excessively loud or objectionable audio (e.g. high-pitched noises, audio intended for sexual arousal, screaming, etc)
  • Excessive, shocking, or objectionable visual effects that can negatively impact ZEPETO user experience or undermine service reliability.

2.4 Regulated or illegal goods or services

  • Alcoholic drink and liquor bottles, cans, liquor glass items(In Worlds, we may allow depictions of alcoholic drinks, liquor bottles, cans, and liquor glasses with restrictions.)
  • Alcohol and related imagery should not be displayed to allude to minors’ alcohol consumption (e.g. in school settings) or in inappropriate settings (e.g. work sites, professional context, inappropriate religious settings)
  • Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, e-cigarettes, vapes, cigarette containers, shisha, and other related products and services, including items that may look like cigarettes (e.g. lollipop sticks).
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Sexual products and services
  • Promotion of medical drugs, pharmaceuticals, and medical services
  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives, or instructions to make them. In Worlds, we may allow depictions of weapons and explosives in some experiences. Depictions of weapons and explosives in Worlds must abide by Studio Content Guidelines on violent, gore, hateful, tragic, sensitive, and political content guidelines.
  • Personally identifiable information (e.g. full name, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, unique identifiers, images of private individuals, or any other personally identifiable information)
  • Gambling experiences that involve real money, ZEMs, or coins

2.5 Political content and debated social issues
Depiction of the following subjects in a polarizing or inflammatory manner

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sex
  • National origin
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Socioeconomic class
  • Religion
  • Immigration
  • Territorial disputes
  • Desecration of national flags or political entity symbols
  • Political content (e.g. referencing, promoting, or opposing government officials, political affiliation, political candidates, political parties, elections and other political processes) without prior authorization by NAVER Z (See section 3. Promotion and Advertisement)

2.6 Tragic and sensitive content

  • Depiction of tragic events with loss of human lives or human tragedy without educational value
  • Depiction of tragic events with loss of human lives or human tragedy with graphic or shocking imagery or description.
  • Tragic events with loss of human lives may include: terrorist attacks, mass shootings, armed conflicts, and natural disasters
  • Human tragedy may include: suicide, self-harm, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse, and human trafficking

2.7 Misleading content

  • Spams, scams, phishing, or other use of misleading content
  • Impersonation and harmful misinformation

3. Promotion and Advertisement

All promotional and advertising use of ZEPETO Studio products on behalf of institutions, organizations, and public figures should be consulted and approved by NAVER Z as specified in our brand or product promotion guide.


Please refer to the following guide. [Promote a Brand or Product]

4. Copyright

ZEPETO Creators must only upload content they created or have the approval for use.

  • Unauthorized use of another person's work (character, photo, image, font, sound source, etc.) without copyright holder's permission
  • Unauthorized use of another person's work, or creation of images, background composition, expression method, etc. that is substantially similar to another person's work
  • Trademark that is identical or similar to another person's registered trademark
  • Use of another person's portrait without permission
  • Association of a specific person (public figure, celebrity, etc.)
  • Suggests existing content such as movies, cartoons, dramas, etc.
  • Use of resources from other services that are not permitted for commercial use
  • Do not follow the regional laws where the ZEPETO Services are provided or infringes the rights or interests of a third party

5. Texts and Images

Texts and images created within ZEPETO Studio must follow the guidelines below.

5.1 Texts

  • Texts such as names or tags that are difficult to infer the created content
  • Texts such as names or tags of content that is not related to the content created
  • Careless and repetitive texts
  • Texts that intentionally distorts or inflates the content
  • Texts with typos or errors
  • Texts or image with QR code and URL
  • Texts containing special characters or emojis that may be displayed differently on different devices
  • Texts that are clearly associated with a specific person(public figure, celebrity, etc.)
  • For items that include text, such as t-shirts with printed text, please submit the text separately for our review. Items not meeting our text guidelines will not be approved. [Learn more]

5.2 Images

  • Image format does not comply with ZEPETO's specification
  • Images that make the content difficult to predict
  • Unrelated images
  • Dull and clearly lacking images
  • Images that intentionally distort or inflate the content
  • Intentionally invisible images
  • Images that already exist in ZEPETO services or are under review
  • QR code
  • Studio products and content created with the assistance of generative AI must be tagged with #AIGenerated. [Learn more]

6. Avatar Body Type Guidelines

ZEPETO Studio allows the submission of avatar items that alter, transform, or warp avatar body types, including [Special Body Type] items, to encourage creative freedom and expression.

When submitting items that alter avatar body types from the basic skeletons or base body provided by 3D modeling tools, creators must adhere to the following guidelines:

Do not submit items that:

  • Alter the facial expressions or features of human-like avatars.
  • Make avatar body parts completely transparent or invisible.
  • Significantly change the posture or bodily gestures of human-like avatars.
  • Drastically elongate or minimize human body parts, features or characteristics.

7. ZEPETO Studio Product Guidelines


World Guidelines