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You can view sales statistics for the items that you create in the Item statistics dashboard.

Insight > Overview

You can view metrics for all items that are selling.


  • Total Item : The total number of items currently on sale
  • Total Revenue : Total revenue earned from items on sale (in ZEM)
  • Top Category : The category of your items that are selling the most.


All data is based on the time of viewing and is aggregated on a daily basis.

Best Item

Shows your best items with the highest sales at the time of viewing.

Item Ranking

  • Sales Ranking : Items with the highest sales volume on a weekly basis (Mon-Sun)
  • ZEM ranking: Items with the most sales revenue by week (Mon-Sun)


If you're selling a lot of units but not a lot of sales revenue, then raise your price!

You can set a time period to view your item's ranking.



The ranking is calculated only for your items.

The ranking will be compared to the previous period's ranking, and will show rising, rising fast, new, and falling in the same time period as the ranking based on the conditions you set. However, weekly rankings can only be viewed on a monthly to daily basis.

ex) If you set the period to 23.01.15~23.01.21, you can compare it with the data from 23.01.08~23.01.14, which is one week ago.

  • Surge : Ranking 20 or more spots from the previous week
  • New : An item that wasn't in the rankings last week appears in the rankings.

If you have a lot of items that have sold, then you can view up to the 20th position through the See More button.

Refunds that occurred after the time of the weekly aggregation are not included in the ranking aggregation, so if you have received a refund, it may differ from the actual number of units sold/sales. Rankings are available from Jan 2, 2023 data.


The metrics provided on this page may differ from the actual number of sales/sales used for settlement.

Insight > My Items

Provides a list of the creator's currently sold items.

You can search by item name and click an item to view metrics for each item. However, metrics are only available for items with at least one sale. The list is sorted by most recent approval date.

Item detail page

  • Likes : The number of likes the item has received in the app.


If you have a lot of likes but few sales, lower your price!

The number of sales/revenue of an item within a one-week period from the date of viewing is displayed in a graph and can be viewed by setting a time period.

The start date can only be set after the item approval date and can be viewed for a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 31 days in the calendar.

You can check the data by date, and if a sale was made as a gift, it is displayed as a gift.

ex) In the case of UNITS 200 / GIFT 50: 50 units were gifted out of a total of 200 units sold.

The data is aggregated by day and includes refunds that occurred up to the previous day, but does not include refunds on the same day.


The metrics provided on this page may differ from the sales quantity/revenue used for actual settlement.

Buyer Nationality

The country information of the user who purchased the item appears. The country information shows the top five countries in the sales ranking, and you can see the number of countries and users. Buyer Nationality data is available from March, 2023.


The metrics provided on this page may differ from the actual sales quantity/revenue used for settlement.

Item Purchase Route

Shows the path to purchase for up to 5 items in a pie graph. Item Purchase Route data is available from March, 2023.


The metrics provided on this page may differ from the actual sales volume/revenue used for settlement.