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Payment Request

How to monetize on ZEPETO

Now you can see whether your uploaded contents are selling well and request a cash out of the earned ZEM from the sale of your contents and live broadcasts.

  • Item sales revenue: Users buy various items to make great-looking avatars.
  • World products sales revenue: Users can purchase In-World products to enjoy the World more effectively.
  • Avatar live streaming gift: Viewers can support streamers with special effect gifts during the live stream.


You can withdraw money only when the contents sales balance is over 5,000ZEM using Payoneer. Payoneer is a third-party payment provider that provides payment services in support of the platform, including payments to creators.

Payment Information

  • Application period : between the 23rd and 27th of each month.
  • Minimum Payment Request: 5,000 ZEM
  • Current rate: 5,000ZEM per 106 USD (may vary)



You can't withdraw ZEMs by dividing each section (Studio, World, Live)

  • Payment date :
Current creatorsNew creators
You will receive your payment during the last week of the month following the withdrawal request month. For example, if the you send your request in March, you will receive your payment in the last week of April.You will receive your payment during the first week of the second month following the withdrawal request. For example, if the you send your request in March, you will receive your payment in the first week of May.

Sales Report

You can check the sales statistics of the contents you have currently uploaded in the Sales menu of ZEPETO Studio. The Sales report will help you build a strategy for maximizing revenue when creating content.

The report consists of a chart that shows the trend of all contents you are selling and a table showing detailed sales status for each content.

  • Units: Total quantity of all items sold during the set period
  • Sales: Total revenue of all items sold during the set period

Request Payment

You can request cash out of the earned ZEM from the sale of your contents in the Payment menu of ZEPETO Studio. Cash Out can be requested only once in the same month and the Cash Out button will be activated when the item sales balance is over 5,000ZEM.

  • Request period: Between 23th-27th days of each month



During this time(10:00 to 12:00 KST (UTC +9)), Payment Request / Cancellation of Payment Request will not be available.

Cash Out process is as follows:
Click Request button on the Payment screen.


If you have not entered personal payment information in the Settings > Payment Info menu, the following confirmation request popup will be displayed. Click the Confirm info button on the popup.


Enter personal information related to your payment and click Save button. Depending on your country of residence, the payment information required may vary. Users from countries other than Korea must have their own active Payoneer account.


When minor creators in Korea withdraw their profits, they can upload files by replacing their resident registration card with a copy of their resident registration showing all their resident registration numbers.


Return to the Payment menu and click the Request Payment button to go to the payment request screen. Check the automatically printed payment information and click the Request Payment button once more to complete the payment request.


We will review your payment eligibility. Your payment request will be approved or rejected depending on the result of the review.

  • You can check the reason for payment rejection in Payment> Request History> Status.



If payment activity status is 'Sent' on ZEPETO Studio but if you cannot check the payment on your Payoneer account, please contact the Payoneer Customer Center.

Common cases of refusal of payment

Profile Country: KoreaProfile Country: Global
- In the case in which personal information collection and use agreement is not signed or is incorrect (typing does not count, handwritten signature or seal is required)
- In the case in which the account information is incorrect (bank name is omitted, account holder name is not exposed, etc.)
- Account number mismatch with a copy of bankbook
- Inconsistency between Studio homepage> Settings> payment information name and account information
- Incorrect Payoneer account information