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Are you getting ready to go live with the ZEPETO LIVE PC program? 💡

If you're wondering where to start, please follow this guide step by step!

1) Before you start

Please make sure you have everything prepared to run the live PC program.

Required ToolsDetails
Equipment1. Webcam compatible with PC
2. Microphone compatible with PC
3. Basic PC Specs:
✓ OS : Window(10, 11) / Mac (intel X64, Arm)
✓ CPU : intel i5 or higher
✓ RAM Memory : 8GB
✓ Internet : Speed 70 Mbps
Software1. ZEPETO Live PC Program [ Windows ] [ macOS ] (v0.1.31 / 24.05.21)
ZEPETO Live PC program is updated manually. Please visit regularly to download the updated program.

If the links above aren't clickable and you can't download the file, please copy and paste the following URLs into your browser's address bar to download the program:

2. OBS Studio
Live Streaming/ViewingZEPETO Mobile App (iOS/Android both available)
Streaming Permissions1. Create ZEPETO Account
2. Join ZEPETO Studio
3. Obtain ZEPETO LIVE permission

If you have prepared all of the above items, you can now start streaming with the live PC program.



  • OBS Studio must be downloaded directly from the official website.
  • Please double-check if you are a member of ZEPETO Studio to receive revenue.
  • Countries where live streaming is available: South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, France
  • You may lose streaming permissions and face permanent streaming suspension for the following reasons:
    • Streaming screens that do not include ZEPETO service and ZEPETO avatars
    • Not following ZEPETO's community guidelines
    • Unauthorized sharing of ZEPETO LIVE program with others or online platforms
    • Unauthorized modification of ZEPETO LIVE program

2) Get started

To start streaming, all tools must be set up.

Live streaming utilizes both the PC program and the mobile app simultaneously and should proceed in the following order: Launch PC program and OBS → Launch mobile app → Enter PC OBS stream key.

PC OBSEnter server/stream key in OBS to start streaming on the mobile app
ZEPETO LIVE PCCustomize avatars and backgrounds streamed on the app

2-1) Setting up OBS

Launch the OBS program.

In the OBS stream Information window, simply click Cancel to close the Configuration Wizard popup without entering any information.

Go to File -> Settings.

In the Output tab, set the Video Bitrate to 2500kbps (recommended within 2000~3500 kbps).

Please configure the other settings to match those shown in the example picture.

Then, in the Video tab, set both Base (Canvas) Resolution and Output Resolution to 720x1280, and set the Common FPS Value to 30. (Even if set to 60fps, ZEPETO servers handle it as 30fps.)

Click Apply and OK buttons to complete the default setup.👍

2-2) Setting Up ZEPETO LIVE PC Program

Once OBS setup is completed, please launch the ZEPETO LIVE PC program.

After entering your ZEPETO ID and password, you can access the program.

Have you checked your avatar stylishly standing on the left side of the screen?
Try smiling to see if facial recognition is working well. 😉

In the top right corner of the screen, you can choose between face + hand recognition or face + upper body recognition. At the bottom right of the screen, you can set items/backgrounds/gestures.
Take some time to explore and adapt to the program by trying out different options.

2-3) Connecting OBS and ZEPETO LIVE PC Program

Now, let's connect OBS with the ZEPETO LIVE PC program!

Return to the OBS program and click the + button in the Sources section at the bottom. Then, select Window Capture and press 'OK.'

Once you enter Window Capture properties, choose the currently running ZEPETO LIVE window, and you should be able to see the ZEPETO LIVE program's screen.



While holding down the Alt key, you can drag to select the desired streaming area. (You need to stream only the avatar screen on the left. Showing additional screens may result in sanctions.)

Can you see your avatar in OBS? Congratulations! You're all set for streaming! 🥳

3) Starting Live Stream

If you've finished configuring your stream settings, it's time to input the stream information!

Enter the live stream title, tags, and announcements, and also set whether the stream will be public or private.



  • You cannot start the live stream without a title. (Minimum 1 character - Maximum 20 characters)
  • Announcements can be up to 100 characters long.
  • You can change the live stream information even during the stream.

Once you've completed entering the stream information, press the Start button!

The live will be created in the mobile app, and viewers can enter and wait in the room.


Good to know

The stream screen is not being broadcasted yet.

Once you've copied the server address and stream key from the ZEPETO LIVE PC program, and input them into OBS, the avatar screen will start streaming.


How to input server/stream key:

  • You can copy the server address and stream key by clicking the SERVER button and STREAMING KEY button respectively in the ZEPETO LIVE PC program.
  • In the OBS program, go to Settings > Stream > Service, set it to Custom, then paste the Server and Stream Key.

Finally, press the "Start Streaming" button on the OBS main screen to start streaming, and it will be viewable on the mobile app. 👏

4) Go Live

Congratulations on going live with your live PC program! 🥳

We will now show you how to make the best out of the ZEPETO PC Live Program.

4-1) ZEPETO Live PC

  1. Change the background!
    Feel free to switch up the background during your live stream.

  1. Choose gestures!
    Experiment with different gestures during your live stream! You can even add your favorite gestures to your favorites list.

  1. How about a fashion show?
    Show off your unique style! Switch into the outfit you've set up on your mobile and the items you have while you're live!

4-2) ZEPETO Mobile App

  1. Invite Guests
    Streaming alone is fun, but streaming together is even more enjoyable!
    During the stream, you can invite followers or people you follow. You can also share invitation links on various social media channels.

  1. Manage Live Streams
    To create a more comfortable live stream environment, you can manage viewers within the stream.

    Hide ChatHiding a specific user's chat will also hide it from other viewers.
    Kick OutYou can kick out users who disrupt the live stream..
    ReportYou can report users who need sanctions during the live stream.
    BlockIn the last step of reporting, there is an option to [Block this user]. Feel free to use it if necessary.

  1. Check Live Gift Donation Rankings
    You can check the gifts received from viewers. You can also see which viewers have given the most gifts.
    (Viewers can also check their own live gift donation rankings!)

5) Ending the Stream

Have you had a great time with your live stream? Now it's time to end the stream!

Please click the "Exit" button in the top right corner of the mobile screen.



Closing the ZEPETO LIVE PC program does not end the stream!

You must exit from the mobile app first so that viewers can also leave the room and the stream can be completely ended. Remember this!


Good to know!

When you end the stream from the mobile, a summary page will appear.

You can check the stream duration, cumulative number of viewers, new followers during the stream, and the amount of ZEMs received during the stream!

Welcome to the world of ZEPETO LIVE!

Thank you for your hard work and for following our guide all the way here! 👏

Now that you've mastered ZEPETO LIVE, it's time to go live and unleash your creativity as a creator!


If you have any further questions, please check out the ZEPETO LIVE Customer Center.