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Loading Buildit Maps

Load the map you created on Unity editor through ZEPETO buildit to create a World.

STEP 1 : Install Buildit Loader Package

Go to Window → Package Manager → ZEPETO.Buildit.Loader

STEP 2 : Preparing the Buildit Loader

Log into ZEPETO ID in Unity Editor.

STEP 3 : Run Buildit Loader

  • Go to ZEPETO → Buildit → Map Loader and run the Buildit Window.
  • Check the list of maps you created, and double click on the map to load.
  • Edit as needed.



  • The resources from a scene cannot be used in another scene.
  • You can load multiple maps in one scene, but we do not recommend it.
  • You cannot use Mesh Combine.
  • Some objects with animators may not function properly.
  • Interaction objects provided in existing worlds may not work.
  • Skybox is not supported.
  • Lightmap baking must be done manually.


Please refer to the following guide. [ZEPETO build it]


ZEPETO Asset Package

  • ZEPETO Asset Package is forward compatible with the original build it theme package.
  • The build it theme package cannot be installed again after the ZEPETO Asset Package has been provided.