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ZEPETO World Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide Tutorial for Everyone!


Obby Template Download


SummaryDo you want to create a world but lack Unity game or world development experience?

If you follow these tutorials, you'll be on your way to launching your own ZEPETO world.
Time Required30 Minutes

Part1-1. Registering a World

  • Let's start with the first step in developing a Zepeto world: registering your world on the Zepeto Studio site.

Part1-2. Installing Unity

  • Let's take a look at how to install Unity for developing ZEPETO worlds.

Part2. OBBY Template Guide

  • Here's an introduction to the OBBY jump map template and the Unity editor interface for new world developers.


Please refer to the following guide. [Obby Template]

Part3. Creating a Map

  • Learn how to customize OBBY templates with official ZEPETO assets to personalize them.

Part4. Applying Skybox and BGM

  • Download free assets from the Unity Asset Store and learn how to apply them to your ZEPETO world.

Part5. Adjusting the Difficulty Level

  • Learn how to adjust the difficulty of the world by changing the character's movement speed, jump height, and stepping speed within the ZEPETO world.

Part6. Mobile Testing

  • Learn how to test your world on mobile.

Part7. Launching a World

  • Learn how to register and publish your completed world to ZEPETO Studio.