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This is a sample and guide video for beginners developing ZEPETO World.

Before starting the tutorial, please refer to the following guide to complete the installation of Unity and ZEPETO template.


Please refer to the following guide. [Installation and settings]


World Development Tutorial for Beginners

World example using object movement and obstacle manipulation
• This tutorial is recommended for those who are new to creating ZEPETO World.
• You will create a simple jump map and learn the basics of ZEPETO scripting to write code.
Make an item eating World
• Based on what we learned in Chapter 1, we will make an item eating World using character movement speed and jump control.
• Create UI Controller to reflect item acquisition in Text UI.
Simple random World using interaction
• Implement the interaction buttons that appear when the user approaches something.
• Apply Probability Random Code.

ZEPETO World Multiplay

Multiplay Tutorial
• You will set up an environment for multiplayer world development, from creating a multiplayer server to creating a client.
• You will learn a simple example of Room Message communication between server and client.