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Registering a World File

To release your world to ZEPETO, you need to register the .zepetopackage file created in unity to World Studio.

First, generate a .zepetopackage file in unity and register that file to World Studio. If you haven’t generated a .zepetopackage file yet, please refer to the following Guide to generate a .zepetopackage file first before moving on!


Please refer to the following guide. [Preparing for World Creating]

Register a World File

Please select the version of the world you would like to register from the ZEPETO World Studio.

Click on the [New file registration] button from the File registration tab to register a .zepetopackage file or you can drag and drop a .zepetopackage file.

Registration is also possible by dragging and dropping a file with the .zepetopackage extension to the appropriate location. Or if you click on [Publish] in Unity, you can register the .zepetopackage directly.


Please refer to the following guide. Getting Started - Releasing your World]

Only files that meet the following requirement may be registered, so please keep this in mind.

  • File type: .zepetopackage
  • File size: Less than 1024MB

Complete a File Registration

Once a file has been registered successfully, you will be able to see the details of the file, like the example below. If you have a registered a file, you can test your world within ZEPETO before you release it.

If you decide to submit your world without testing it first, you might miss elements that you need to change. This means that you may have a higher chance of getting your world rejected in the Review. Please test your world before you submit!


If you’d like to remove or change the file you have registered, click the More button located on the right side. You can delete the file you have already registered.