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Runner template

SummaryThis is a World where you accumulate records by continuing to run until you reach an obstacle.
Genreside-scrolling infinite running


GitHub Repository

How to play

  • Press the Play button on the title screen to start the scene.
  • A local player spawns at the starting point and soon rushes forward.
  • As local players run, their time is recorded, and their score increases as they jump and avoid obstacles and holes.
  • If the local player touches an obstacle or falls under terrain while running, the world will end.
  • The score and recorded time are displayed on screen when the World ends.
  • If you press the Restart button on the world end screen, the scene will restart.

Included features in the template

  • Scene flow consisting of Title screen - Play - Result screen - Restart
  • Score points
  • Time recording
  • Scene reload when hitting an obstacle
  • Side view viewpoint processing

Resources included in the template

  • UI image resources and prefabs
  • Background Skybox image
  • Sound effect

Application Guide

  • Create and apply your own UI.
  • Place various items and obstacles on the map.
  • Expand to the multiplayer World and play with friends.

Precautions when using templates

  • The intellectual property rights, including copyright, for this template are owned by “NAVER Z” and its affiliates. For more information, please refer to the following link. [ZEPETO World SDK License and terms]
  • This template can be freely used when creating ZEPETO World, and usage outside of ZEPETO World is prohibited.
  • When submitting a world for review through this template, the review may be rejected if it is similar to a previously released world. Therefore, it is recommended to change resources such as backgrounds and objects within the scene.