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World SDK Editor Interface

The ZEPETO World SDK provides extended Unity editor features for ZEPETO World development.
This section explores the basic editor interface of the ZEPETO World SDK and explains how to utilize it.

(A) Toolbar

  • Provides access to testing, building, launching, and related settings for ZEPETO World, as well as connecting to a ZEPETO account.
  • This includes QR testing and package file building, multiplayer server, and login and build options.

(B) Menu Bar

  • Provides quick access to the unique features of the ZEPETO World SDK under each menu through the ZEPETO category.
  • This includes the GameObject and Component that make up the ZEPETO World, the rebuild system, profiler, and multiplayer server console.

(A) Toolbar

1Play On ZEPETOConduct QR mobile testing.
2Create Multiplay Server /
Start Multiplay Server
- If a multiplayer server is not configured in the project, set up the server.
- If a multiplayer server is configured in the project, connect to the multiplayer server.
3PublishBuild the package file and depending on the settings, upload the file to the studio. Learn More▸
4Zepeto Script Build OptionsAccess ZEPETO account and build settings via the dropdown menu. The functions within the dropdown are explained below.

Zepeto Script Build Options

1LoginOpen the Project Settings > ZEPETO Service menu to log in to ZEPETO account. Learn More▸
2Play with Multiplay ServerAlways enable the multiplayer server when running [▶︎(play)] in the editor.
3Target PlatformsSpecify the Target Platforms.
4EnvironmentsCreate a Host Setting Asset through Create Custom Environment.
5Open World SettingsConfigure the world version and screen orientation through World Options, and proceed with setting up rooms in the multiplayer world through Room Options. Learn More▸

(B) Menu Bar

1GameObject>ZEPETOZEPETOPlayersAdd the ZepetoPlayers GameObject to the Hierarchy.
2Component>ZEPETOUICreate UIs that are officially supported by the ZEPETO World SDK.
2Component>ZEPETOZepetoScriptAttach a ZepetoScript, officially supported by the ZEPETO World SDK, to a GameObject.
3ZEPETOScript>Experimental>Refresh EnvironmentsVerify whether the environment is set up correctly to run ZEPETO World, and automatically install the elements needed to set up the environment.
3ZEPETOScript>RebuildRecompile the entire script.
3ZEPETOScript>Rebuild(For not compiled)Only recompile some uncompiled scripts.
3ZEPETOSet Scene LightingChange RenderSettings to the default.
4Window>ZEPETOShow runtime ProfilerOpen the Runtime Profiler window.
4Window>ZEPETOMultiplay ServerOpen the multiplayer server console.

Please refer to the following link for the Unity basic interface guide.


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