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Resources is a section offering a diverse range of valuable information and tools for ZEPETO World developers.

Here, developers can access the resources and information necessary for enhancing their world-building endeavors.

Discover methods to unleash the creative potential of your ZEPETO World here!

Official Resources

Feature Example Templates
World Templates is a project designed for creators seeking to kickstart their ZEPETO world development quickly and easily. Simply download a template, infuse it with your unique ideas, and get ready to launch!
We offer over 20 themes of official 3D resource asset packages for ZEPETO for free. You are free to use them in your worlds.
World Samples
Check out official ZEPETO multiplayer world samples on GitHub, available as open source. Grab one of these sample projects and create an engaging multiplayer world to share with others!

Community Resources

Discord DEV Community
If you're a BuildIt or world developer, join our Discord community for ZEPETO world creators worldwide!
Get the latest news, connect with fellow creators, find collaborators, and share your tips and released worlds!
ZEPETO Community Modules
These are open-source modules crafted by fellow world creators.
You can easily apply useful features for world development such as multiplayer synchronization, gestures, and screenshots just by dragging and dropping.
ZEPETO always welcomes your contributions!