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Resources is a section that provides various useful information and resources to ZEPETO World developers.

Through this, Zepeto World developers can easily obtain the necessary resources and information and develop worlds more effectively.

Take a look here at ways to enhance ZEPETO World’s infinite creative possibilities.

Official Resources

The ZEPETO.Asset package provides a variety of assets and modeling that can make your world more diverse and rich.

Realize your desired concept or style using high-quality assets such as 3D models, textures, props, environments, and backgrounds available in a variety of themes such as school, space, and amusement parks.

All assets are provided for free, and you can freely use them within ZEPETO World.

Here are the official and multiplay samples of ZEPETO world.

You can download a variety of sample projects to learn everything from the basics of the ZEPETO script to advanced techniques.

Additionally, you can learn in detail about the production process and operating principles of each sample through the world guide.

If you want to learn and develop the ZEPETO script more efficiently, try using World Sample.

World Templates is a project provided for beginner developers who want to quickly and easily start developing ZEPETO world.

It can be a very good starting point because it provides templates of various genres in the form of completed projects.

Develop your own world by adding simple logic, design, assets, sounds, and more in World Templates.

Community Resources

This is a community space for communication and cooperation among ZEPETO World developers around the world.

Check the latest updates and announcements of ZEPETO World here. Don't miss out on important information about new features, improvements, bug fixes, and upcoming events.

Additionally, you can ask questions or share tips and ideas about ZEPETO World at the Discord channel.

Share your thoughts with other users, ask for help, or share solutions to problems other developers have encountered. Through this, we can overcome the difficulties of developing ZEPETO World together.

Finally, you can introduce your World project and find partners to collaborate with. You'll find opportunities to collaborate with developers around the world.

The ZEPETO World Discord community is waiting for you!

This is a community-driven open source plugin that helps you apply various useful functions quickly and easily when developing ZEPETO World.

It is a place where you can easily bring useful features created by other developers into your World to make development easier.

This improves development productivity and allows you to develop worlds quickly.

Module Importer is continuously updated and developed through close cooperation with the ZEPETO World development community.