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Setting up World Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important visual elements in setting up a scene. It is responsible for illuminating the environment in the world and conveying the feeling of shadows and light of objects.

The lighting setup, similar to ZEPETO’s main screen, is achieved through the following steps.

  1. Setting the Ambient Color of the Scene.
  • You can set the basic brightness of the scene through Lighting Ambient Color.
  • Select Window > Rendering > Lighting to activate the lighting panel.
  • Select Ambient Color in the Environment tab and enter the following RGB values.
    R: 193, G: 213. B: 229

  1. Through directional lighting, you can control the overall lighting direction in the scene.
  • Add ZepetoDefaultLight.prefab to the scene in the Packages > ZEPETO.Character > resources > zepeto folder in the Project panel.

  1. If you run it by pressing the [▶︎(play)] button, you can see a pretty and neat looking character as shown below.

Before setting the basic character style light (left), after setting the light (right)

Before setting the animation character style light (left), after setting the light (right)