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Self-QA Before Review/Release

To provide users with a pleasant and enjoyable world experience, it's essential to rigorously test and then release.

Please test the following items before world review/release:

It's recommended to test using a link that most closely resembles the actual server environment.


Check Various Settings

  • Ensure the order of Scenes in Build Settings is correct.
  • In Unity > Project Settings > Player, verify if the Graphics API settings are appropriately set for each device.
  • Check your Lighting against our Lighting Setting guide.


Performance Measurement Using Runtime Profiler:

  • If it's a multiplayer world, register friends as testers and have them join up to the maximum capacity.
  • Due to memory occupied by each ZEPETO character, not testing beforehand can cause connectivity issues when the number of players increases.
    • Simulate environments with multiple users to test the performance of world servers and clients.


Data Get/Set Test:

  • Storing and retrieving play data in the world is crucial.
  • Run through the world's play cycle multiple times to ensure data is stored correctly and previous records are accurately retrieved when restarted.
  • It's recommended to implement play data using DataStorage.
    • After release, you can directly delete tester data stored in ZEPETO Studio's DataStorage.


Item and Product Testing

In-World Product:

  • Ensure products are purchased successfully.
  • Confirm that products are correctly added to the inventory after purchase.
  • Make sure any feature or effect applied after purchasing works correctly.
  • Please consider the World User Experience (UX) when determining appropriate product pricing.
    • In many instances, the primary objective of world play is to earn currency and make purchases.
    • Overly high prices can lead to a loss of motivation to play, which might cause users to leave.
    • Conversely, prices that are too low can result in players achieving their goals too quickly, which can negatively impact retention.


  • Check if items are displayed correctly on mannequins.
  • Ensure that clicking on a mannequin prompts the item purchase window and that purchases work smoothly.
  • If it's a multiplayer world, make sure mannequin previews are synchronized.


Review Criteria Check


  • If world play isn't smooth on the lowest spec device, it may not pass the review.
  • Ensure you use the optimization guide and Runtime Profiler for optimization.



  • If there are licenses for 3D Assets and soundtracks used in the world, please indicate them during the review submission.
  • Worlds with licensing issues may not pass the review.

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