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Hide & seek template

SummaryThis is the official open-source template for the Hide and Seek World, which is very popular in ZEPETO World
Genreobject transformation, hide and seek, team battles


GitHub Repository

How to play

  • Once world loading is complete, freely explore the map and wait until the number of connected players reaches 4.
  • When there are 4 people connected, hide and seek begins.
  • One player becomes a tagger and waits in a closed room, while the other players transform into objects and take cover in a suitable location on the map.
  • When the set waiting time has elapsed, the door will open so that the tagger can find another player.
  • The tagger moves around the map looking for other players. The skills the tagger can use to search for players are as follows.
    • Flashlight
      • By shining a flashlight at an object, you can determine whether the object in front of you is a player or an object.
      • The flashlight gauge decreases when activated, and increases again when deactivated.
    • Radar
      • Activating the radar creates a radar range centered on the tagger. The radar color changes when there are other players in range.
      • The radar's gauge decreases when used and does not increase again.
  • If the tagger finds all players within the time limit, the tagger wins, and if not, the other players win.

Included features in the template

  • Scene flow consisting of Preparation phase -> Play -> Result screen
  • Time limit feature
  • Spectator ghost capable of moving without terrain limitations
  • Voice chat
  • Localization
  • Object random generation probability setting tool
  • In World Item
  • Custom Currency
  • Various skills used in gameplay

Resources included in the template

  • Assets matching a dollhouse theme
  • Effect prefabs necessary for gameplay
  • UI resources and prefabs
  • Fonts

Application Guide

  • With this template, you can develop your own unique Hide and Seek World.
  • Since it provides complete scripts and scenes, you can also release your game by just changing the resources.
  • Create your own theme by configuring various environments and objects.

Precautions when using templates

  • The intellectual property rights, including copyright, for this template are owned by “NAVER Z” and its affiliates. For more information, please refer to the following link. [ZEPETO World SDK License and terms]

  • This template can be freely used when creating ZEPETO World, and usage outside of ZEPETO World is prohibited.

  • When submitting a world for review through this template, the review may be rejected if it is similar to a previously released world. Therefore, it is recommended to change resources such as backgrounds and objects within the scene.

  • Please indicate the following when submitting for World review using this template:

    • Basic Information > World description

      • Thanks to Guardian Pirates
    • Review Information > Memo

      • This world has been developed using the HideAndSeek Template provided by Guardian Pirates.
      • For more information, please refer to the following link. [Submitting for Review]


Please copy and enter the above text when entering world details before submitting for review.