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Using ZEPETO App URL Scheme

You can use the URL Scheme used to open the ZEPETO app on a mobile device for creating a World.

In general, strings such as "http://", "ftp://", "market://" are URL Schemes.
The following outlines the steps for opening an app using the URL scheme.

  • When the hyperlink is clicked on a web page, the URL Scheme is sent to the System
  • The System reviews the URL Scheme to check if the app can be opened
  • If the URL Scheme can open the app, the app will be opened and the URL will be sent back
  • The app will run and perform functions as specified in the URL.



When opening the ZEPETO app through the URL Scheme on a web page, the app will not respond if it is not installed.

Basic Format

When configuring a Custom URL in the following format, you can automatically connect to a specific World and open the app.


Custom Parameter

If you add the parameter value in the Key-Value format after the basic format URL, you can output a specific value when connecting to the World.


Use in a World

Through the ZEPETOScript, the parameter values passed when running the app can be imported and used in Runtime.

import { WorldService } from 'ZEPETO.World';

let customValue = WorldService.GetCustomParamValue("key_1") as string;