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ZEPETOCharacter is basic ZEPETO character instance unit for loading in a World Scene.

ZepetoCharacter API

CreateByZepetoId(zepetoId: string, spawnInfo: SpawnInfo, complete: System.Action$1)Use a ZEPETO ID to generate a ZEPETO character instance.
CreateByUserId(userId: string, spawnInfo: SpawnInfo, complete: System.Action$1)Create a ZEPETO character instance with UserId.
RemoveCharacter(character: ZepetoCharacter)Deletes the character instance.

You can load ZEPETO character model instances, except controller components.

CreateModelByZepetoId(zepetoId: string, spawnInfo: SpawnInfo, complete: System.Action$1<UnityEngine.GameObject>)Create a ZEPETO character instance with the ZepetoId.
CreateModelByUserId(userId: string, spawnInfo: SpawnInfo, complete: System.Action$1<UnityEngine.GameObject>)Create a ZEPETO character instance with UserId.

Create/Delete Character

Create by Zepeto ID

ZepetoCharacterCreator.CreateByZepetoId("[ZEPETO_ID]", new SpawnInfo(), (character: ZepetoCharacter) => {

   // Handling Character Instance..

Remove Character

ZepetoCharacterCreator.RemoveCharacter(character: ZepetoCharacter);

Control Character

An interface where you can directly control the character will be provided through the script from a character instance in a Scene.

MoveToPosition(position : Vector3)Moves the character to Position.
MoveContinuously(direction : Vector3)Updates the character in the direction of Direction continuously.
MoveContinuously(direction : Vector2)Updates the character in the direction of Direction continuously.
StopMoving()Stops the character from moving.
Jump()Character jumps to the Jump Power set.
Teleport(position: UnityEngine.Vector3, rotation: UnityEngine.Quaternion)Character instantly moves to Transform.
SetGesture(gesture: UnityEngine.AnimationClip)Character motion will Play as indicated in the AnimationClip. The character will continue until CancelGesture() is called.
CancelGesture()Stops the Animation Clip currently playing.

Control Character example code.

// 1) MoveToPosition - Move until the character reaches the target position
character.MoveToPosition(Vector3 position);
// 2) MoveContinuosly - Move in the specified direction (In Update) until told otherwise. 
character.MoveContinuously(Vector3 direction);
character.MoveContinuously(Vector2 direction);
// 3) StopMoving - Halt a currently active movement. 
// 4) Jump - Jump at the currently set up jump height 
// 5) Teleport - Instantly move to a specified Transform point. 
character.Teleport(transform.position, transform.rotation);

Control Character - Gesture example code.

// 1) SetGesture - Play a character motion based on the specified AnimationClip on loop until CancelGesture() is called. 
character.SetGesture(AnimationClip gesture);
// 2) Cancel - Stop the current AnimationClip in motion. 

Control Character - MotionV2 example code.

// Allows adjustment of the MotionController V2 and its related parameter values. 

character.MotionV2.useDoubleJump = (boolean);   
character.MotionV2.doubleJumpPower = (number); 
character.MotionV2.useLandingRoll = (boolean);   
character.MotionV2.landingRollSpeed = (number);  
character.MotionV2.useMoveTurn = (boolean);    

character.MotionV2.Gravity = (number); 

// You can check the SubState associated with Motion Controller V2.



You can turn on/off Motion V2 character State Machine Animation from World Package 1.6.0 and later version.

// The animation is no longer automatically played by the character's StateMachine.
ZepetoCharacter.StateMachine.constraintStateAnimation = true;

const stateType = UnityEngine.Animator.StringToHash("State");
ZepetoCharacter.ZepetoAnimator.SetInteger(stateType, "[Custom Animation State]");