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This is the official documentation for the ZEPETO World SDK.

Launch your virtual space on the ZEPETO platform, enjoyed by 400 million Gen Z users globally. You can also earn revenue from users who enjoy your world.

The ZEPETO World SDK is free to use and grows with your feedback.

What is ZEPETO World SDK?

The ZEPETO World SDK is a toolkit for developing ZEPETO Worlds, providing a development environment
and programming interface that seamlessly integrates with Unity.
ZEPETO Infrastructure
• Use ZEPETO avatars as playable characters.
• Utilize friends made on ZEPETO in your world, and make new friends within.
• Offers various social features like follower management, DMs, gifting, gestures, and voice chat.
• Supports multiplayer module allowing many users to play in the world simultaneously.
• Provides APIs for play session data management and communication, integrated with cloud DB service for data storage.
• Easily register and sell in-world items and currency for ZEMs.
• Sell ZEPETO avatar items within the world.
• In-world advertising revenue support coming soon!
Testing and Optimization
• Includes a runtime profiler to identify world performance issues.
• Provides local sandbox testing environment and pre-launch testing.
World Statistics
• After launching your world, access statistics on retention, visitor counts, and visitor sources.
• Manage user data.
Guides to ZEPETO World Development

Install Unity Hub

Install Unity Editor
version 2020.3.9f

Install the ZEPETO World
Template on Unity

• Learn the basics of ZEPETO World development through video tutorials.
• Discover the step-by-step process of creating and launching a simple world.

Beginner Resources
• Start by adding a bit of your idea to an existing template.
• Freely access official 3D ZEPETO assets in a variety of themes.
• Easily add features using the awesome library built by creators.
• Discover the step-by-step process of creating and launching a simple world.

Learn Creator Basics
• Let's start creating worlds using the ZEPETO World SDK functions!

• Check out frequently asked questions about ZEPETO World development.
• Find solutions to errors encountered during development.

World SDK for Unity Developers
ZEPETO welcomes Unity developers.
Apply your familiar Unity features and development experience to develop ZEPETO World.

Hello ZEPETO Script

Handle events and control objects using ZEPETO Script, designed to be compatible with Unity C# scripts.

Supported Unity Packages

Check out the Unity packages and attributes supported by the ZEPETO World SDK.


Discord Community

• If you're a BuildIt or a World Creator, join the official Discord!
• You can be the first to receive the latest news and discover lots of events.
• Promote your world and find teammates to collaborate with.

Awesome Libraries

• Check out libraries created and shared by creators themselves!
• Easily apply multiplayer synchronization, screenshots, leaderboards, gestures, and localization in prefab form.