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Testing your World

After you have successfully registered a .zepetopackage file in World Studio, you can test your world in ZEPETO app.

Only users who have been registered as a tester can test their world before the official release.
Here is how you can register a tester and test your world.

Manage testers

Select the version of your world that you’d like to test in ZEPETO World Studio.

Click the [Manage tester] button in the [File registration] tab to register and manage your testers.

You can register a new tester or remove pre-existing testers on the [Manage tester] page.

Before your world is officially released, only users registered as a tester can connect and play in your world.
Once your world passes the Review and is officially released, all users will be able to connect and play in your world.


After registering as a tester, there may be a 10 minute delay before the access is granted.

Register the ZEPETO ID of testers that you’d like to test your world with. When entering a ZEPETO ID, please omit the '@'.



You must register with the ZEPETO ID you set. If you enter a ZEPETO code (6 digits), it will not be registered accordingly.

You may remove pre-existing testers using the [-] button on the right.

If you want to register multiple testers at once, try the Download/Upload CSV feature.

Download CSVUpload CSV
- Download the .csv file. The registered tests are contained in the file.
- Forms can be received via Download CSV.
- Upload .csv files to quickly register up to 100 testers.
- CSV files can be edited in Excel.
- Up to 100 testers can be registered.

The ZEPETO ID of the user you’d like to register as a tester is available in the profile of that user within the ZEPETO app, as shown below.


Test your World in ZEPETO

Once you have completed tester registrations, it’s time for you to test your world.

When you click on the Copy test link button in the [File registration] tab, you can obtain a link testers can use to access your world in ZEPETO.

Share this link to the testers and test your world!